Tasty 2013 Pinup Calendar Update

The worlds greatest Calendar is nearly done. Like, so almost done that I can taste it. The same way I can taste those delicious Sandwiches from Elm Cafe, or Colonel Mustard’s. Yes, it’s that good.

Pixel Blue College of Graphic Design and Wizardry has pulled through on a most excellent layout for our Calendar. It’s truly a work of art that will not only make your walls look cooler, it will also add to your street cred by 5000%.

If you’d like to order yours now, you can do so on my Facebook Application. Don’t worry, we don’t keep any of your private information other than your email (so we can contact you when the Calendar is ready to pick up). It’s $20 and all of the profit is going to Edmonton’s Food Bank.

Do you and your friends at work want one? Well, leave the name and address of your business (and maybe a good time to show up) and I will BRING THEM TO YOU! That’s right.

We are expecting to have these printed and ready to go for December. It’ll be a limited run, so order now before we sell the out!