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Trying to make an engagement photo session at times quite simple. You really have to listen to your client though, and pay attention to things that they tell you about themselves. I ask my new clients things like,

“What do you guys like to do”

Leaving it fairly open ended for them to answer. At times I hear things like “Not much”, and, it’s not wrong to say that maybe they just lead busy lives and like to come home at the end of the day and relax. I get it, I can totally relate to this. Every winter I practically hybrinate in front of my TV.

Though when I asked Cecilia and Patrick this, the first thing out of their mouth (nearly in stereo) was “We like camping”.

Cecilia and Patrick | Photos Engagement Edmonton

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Cecilia and Patrick Engagement Photos

I will be photographing Cecilia and Patrick’s wedding on July 8th this year.