Dancer in the Dark – Strobist Multi Flash Shoot


Strobist Photography, Off Camera Flash

One SB-800 on camera as the master flash, not firing but controlling one SB-800 and one SB-900 off camera. Strobe mode set to 1/8 power (maximum power in this mode) 9 Flashes @ 3 Hrz for a 3 second exposure. The SB-900 is above through a Lastolite 105cm EZ-box on a Boom 4 feet above the subjects head. Flash #2 off camera left on a stand one foot above head level of the model, flagged by some Rosco cinefoil to prevent spill on the black background and into the camera.

Model: Jena Skye

MUA: Courtney Duncan

Photography Assistant: Curtis Beurbe

Videographer: Aaron Pedersen